DACS benefits Artists and their Estates

DACS benefits Artists and their Estates

What is DACS?

Established by artists for artists, DACS is a not-for-profit visual artists’ rights management organisation.  It is essentially a PRS for Artists. (PRS pay royalties to musicians for the use of their work.)

DACS campaigns for the rights of visual artists and pays them royalties that help sustain their practice and livelihood.

Passionate about transforming the financial landscape for visual artists through innovative new products and services, DACS act as a trusted broker for 100,000 artists worldwide.
Founded over 30 years ago, DACS is a flagship organisation that campaigns for artists’ rights, championing their sustained and vital contribution to the creative economy.

They collect and distribute royalties to visual artists and their estates through payback, Artist Resale Right, Copyright Licensing and Artimage.

Since DACS was founded in 1984, they have paid over £100 million in royalties to artists and their estates – a significant source of income supporting artists’ livelihoods, their practice and legacy. In 2016, a total amount of £14 million was paid out in royalties to artists and estates.

Below is a summary of their tasks.

Artists may be entitled to a percentage of the sale price when their work is resold for over €1000.

Artists, or artist representatives, or the estate can receive royalties if works have been used in books, magazines or on TV.

DACS helps artists manage their copyright and deal with licence requests.

For further details, visit dacs.org.uk

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