Art by Fulgence Niamba

Just think how boring and ordinary that room above would look without the centrepiece artwork.

Black Art Rising

Most art seems to tell a story about where a person has been and the things they have encountered along the way. It lets you connect with the artist and see things through their eyes.  The time has come when visual communication from black artists is giving the world life.  They are seeing and understanding the mind of the African, African American, the Caribbean and the black Brazilian.  The world is appreciating talent and depth which was for too long shut out of the mainstream Art Galleries.

Art is a way of expressing one’s self without words. Around the world African sculptures and ancient artworks can be found in museums.  We are pleased to note that contemporary black Art is having an awakening.

Who Are We? 

We are a team of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Artists  who  love and appreciate Art and wish to see more art reflecting our multicultural realities.  in the marketplace.  We have therefore formed  ICOB Art which stands for… In Celebration of Black Art.

ICOB Art is an  offshoot project of BlackEconomics.co.uk

Why are we doing this? 

We have created ICOB Art to raise the profile of black Art, which is art created by Africans, Caribbeans, African Americans, UK Black, Afro Brazilians, Afro Europeans, Afro Columbians and beyond.  We will also highlight art featuring black culture created by non-black artist and see this as a positive genre.  In  doing this, we hope to enable more sales for artists and encourage more black artists to develop their talents and leave a legacy for their families.

Below are the outcomes we are striving to achieve with ICOB Art.

  • Create a web portal – which provides information about black art, black artists, and non-black individuals who create black themed art. (ICOBArt.com)

  • Create Events and Opportunities to celebrate Black Art.

  • Enable wider recognition of Black Artists and Black themed Art.

  • Create a momentum for the mass buying of Black Art

  • Awaken an interest. Provide inspiration so that more people will desire to start Art Classes

  • Reach Young People and inform about the possibilities with art. 

  • Connect and work with existing Black Art Galleries, and encourage the new galleries to be set up.

  • Connect and work with mainstream Art Galleries with a view to more inclusion of black artists.

  • Develop the Art section on the Black Economics Website.

  • Encourage the use of Art to bring peace in troubled inner-city areas.

  • Highlight the use of Art for Mental Health

  • Provide stories of Black Artists and their success (or perceived failure while alive)

  • Provide a history of Black Artists across the world and their reach.

  • Encourage the purchase of Black Art for the workplace and public environments


ICOB Art was founded in 2018.

ICOB Art is an initiative of BlackEconomics.co.uk and is a division of  BEAAR Group Ltd, which works to  Inspire and Showcase good business practice or Career Achievements.  Black Economics also aims to Reduce Poverty, and Accelerate Economic Growth.  Art is seen as a good medium for harnessing talents, instilling discipline, earning a living and leaving a legacy for families.  Black Economics was founded in 2005.  

2019 Exhibition

In 2021, there will be an extensive Art Exhibition featuring the work and products from Black Artists – in London UK.  Up to 30 Artists will exhibit original works, paintings, sculpture, drawings, mixed media and photography.  All original works will be available for sale as well as prints and cards.  Some items can be purchased by Auction.

Artists are invited to be a part of this exhibition and also to enter the 2021 ICOBArt Competition.
Email info@icobart.org to express your interest.

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