Many major exhibitions can take place only because a company has agreed to sponsor the event. Sponsorship has been commonplace in sport and the theatre for many years. Now, the Art World events can be assisted by Corporations, Businesses and benefactors.

Realising that companies have a product or service to promote and to sell, ICOB Art activities aims to provide ample opportunities to promote brands, whose kudos can be enhanced by an association with multicultural Art.

ICOB Art seeks Corporate Sponsorships in the visual arts for  an Exhibition in 2022,  and for sponsorship of competitions, throughout the year. These are events that have an inherent publicity value, that will be advertised and promoted widely in order to be successful. Promotion of the event means promotion of the sponsor’s public profile which in turn promotes the corporation’s products or services.

Corporate sponsors can also get very good value by directly supporting the creation of particular artworks. Sponsorship in kind – such as art materials, products, technology, space for artists, which  can be almost as valuable as cash.

The opportunity exists for companies and individuals to BUY Art created by black Artists, which helps to support encourage more Art creations.   Individuals can also make one-off donations to our work, by using this link. paypal.me/icobart.

If you are interested in Sponsoring either – An Art Competition, An Exhibition or Art Classes, please complete the form below, or emailing info@icobart.org